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Classification of activities and services provided by EZOP Slovakia s.r.o. - Ltd.

Cleaning, reconstruction, maintenance and repairs of crude-oil storage tanks :
  • cleaning of storage tanks
  • maintenance, repairs and reconstruction of storage tanks
  • division and reduction of storage tanks
  • preparation of second jacket or bottom of storage tanks
  • repair of storage tanks and input domes for tanks

Inspection under the Slovak Technical Standard and preparation of inspection report :
  • non-destructive testing of materials
  • ultra-sound thickness measuring
  • testing methods
  • visual testing
  • penetrant testing
  • leakage LT / AB
  • leakage testing of tanks and pipes for oil products
  • preparation of certificates (reports) under the Slovak Technical Standard

Supplies, assembly and service of the top technological equipment of pump stations :
  • level measurement of media in tanks
  • supplies of tanks for fuel storage and „Bencalor“ (both new and re-treated)
  • supplies of filling columns (both new and re-treated)

Domestic road truck transport :
  • disposal of hazardous and other waste
  • transport by tank truck ADR
  • transport of goods by truck with hydraulic equipment
  • custom transport

Waste transport and disposal and soil redevelopment :
  • provision of waste disposal
  • disposal of hazardous and other waste
  • redevelopment of water polluted by oil products
  • restoration and disposal of storage tanks and equipment contaminated by oil products
  • release and transport of waste and polluted soil
  • provision of chemical analysis, surveys, reports and redevelopment-related

Locksmith’s operations :
  • electric arc welding
  • welding in protective atmosphere - CO2
  • heating and cutting of storage tanks, pipelines and constructions etc.
  • manufacturing of storage tanks and reservoirs etc.
  • repairs of technologic equipment for oil products
  • filling, double-coating and division of storage tanks
  • assembly of pipeline distribution systems
  • other locksmith, maintenance and assembly works on demand

Building operations :
  • execution of simple constructions and their alternations
  • management activities for ground constructions and site installations construction, minor structures and their alternations
  • painter’s operations

Disassembly and demolition :
  • demolition
  • disassembly of storage tanks
  • process equipment for storage and issue of oil products
  • building sites for storage house of oil and oil products together with emergency and storage tanks, service platform and roads
  • steel chimneys, brick chimneys with equipment
  • steam boilers and other types of boilers and generator gas stations
  • reinforced-concrete silos and various kinds of stored materials
  • restoration of concrete constructions
  • steel towers and constructions
  • pipe lines, distribution system and feeders for various kinds of media

Reconstruction of minor equipment for storage of oil products :
  • double casing of pipes for oil product transport
  • retainer against reverse blasting the flame through
  • steam recuperation, level I. and II.
  • repairs of technological equipment for storage and issue of oil products
  • service and maintenance of storage tanks and pipeline distribution systems

Complete supplies of investment units for pump stations :
  • advisory services, project preparations, and engineering for construction
  • supplies of technological units
  • supplies of building parts
  • building and reconstruction of pump stations

Damp proof operations and oil leakage proofing :
  • advisory services, project preparation and engineering
  • durable oil leakage insulation
  • coating - outer, inner - resistant to oil products

Other activities :
  • intermediation of business
  • business advisory services and consulting
  • purchase of goods intended to be sold to final consumer in scope of free business subject to registration
  • purchase of goods intended to be sold to other tradesmen in scope of free business subject to registration
  • office and secretary services and processing of data including copying services
  • providing services necessary for operating of buildings, constructions and structures
  • renting of vehicles, machines, equipment, devices and information technologies
  • lecturing and consulting activities
  • management of file cabinet without permanent documentary value
  • advertising and promotional activities
  • market research and public opinion poll

Operation of RELAX studio :
  • taking care of human body
  • regeneration and reconditioning
  • VIBROSAUN THERAPEUTIC MT 365 with aroma-therapeutic unit - vibrating sauna
  • Vacu Well Professional V-1000 - treadmill and vacuum system
  • ROLLEN Lux - massage equipment