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EZOP Slovakia s.r.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 1997 by majority shareholder - company EKOEZOP service, s.r.o. (Ltd.) And subsequently became a part of holding company EZOP Moravia a.s. (JSC) Czech Republic headquartered in Ostrava.
The company’s job in Slovak Republic was to carry out tasks solving problems in the field of services aimed at complex activities for fuel pump stations, cleaning and inspection of storage tanks and maintenance.

Focus and development

Since 2007 the company EZOP Slovakia s.r.o. (Ltd.) has kept on operating systematically in the field of providing complex services, actively extending its domain into new activities on the basis of developing acquisitions directed at current, strategic and new perspective customers and cooperating firms. The development is directed at : - new perspective and innovative objectives, - obtaining new special technology,

Strategic aim

In the period between 1997 to 2003 the strategic objective was to establish and introduce the company into the market, operating Slovak-wide in the field of cleaning, inspecting, repairing, reconstruction and maintenance of technologic equipment for oil products, supply and assembly of pump station technologies, storage of oil products and complete supplies of investment units for pump stations with emphasis on acquiring new customers.