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Focus and development

Since 2007 the company EZOP Slovakia s.r.o. (Ltd.) has kept on operating systematically in the field of providing complex services, actively extending its domain into new activities on the basis of developing acquisitions directed at current, strategic and new perspective customers and cooperating firms.

The development is directed at :

  • new perspective and innovative objectives,
  • obtaining new special technology,
  • broadening and deepening of company’s scope of activities,
  • favorable ratio: price - quality - service,
  • investment plans alongside present implementation of new techniques,
  • improving of working environment for employees,
  • environmental policy,
  • complex quality management system under the terms of EN ISO 9001:2000.

Company’s objectives are :

  • to permanently fulfill the needs of customers with emphasis on their contentment with constant improving of efficiency of integrated management,
  • respecting of the legislation in force in accordance with environment as well as health and safety at work,
  • to carry out the business plan in terms of generally approved ethical principles,
  • to operate machinery on the basis of the best available techniques and technological processes taking into consideration affordability and reasonability.

In our every activity from decision making to actual performance of individual employees we emphasize the importance
of prevention and thereby contributing to safe operation, minimizing possible risks and constant improving of environmental protection and health and safety at work as well as the overall quality and complexity of provided services.

By improving of employee’s qualification, including their ecological, safety and health awareness at work as well as invoking principles of preventive health care we contribute to improving quality and minimizing environmental and health risks.

Company’s objective is to respect and follow principles of permanently sustainable development. We demand these principles to be followed by our subcontractors and cooperators as well.
Quality of the entire activity is managed through sustaining and extending the complex quality management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000, which we successfully exercise since 2004.